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Artist Statement 

​My current mixed media works evolved from a lifelong combinative process.

Fragmented, personal memories merge with current world events and

create dreamlike, imaginary landscapes. 

Within these landscapes exists a dialogue between my conscious,

perceived realities and the unseen ethereal, looming energies.
The latter are often depicted in back alleys of cityscapes,

haunting clouds floating in the sky or appearing like luminiferous pools 

beckoning the viewer to engage.


I am exploring themes of environmental, architectural and psychological

instability and impermanence, and they are pieced together with 

line, drawings, graphics, digital prints, blocks of colour and texture.

"The new works express the tension of a world on fire, 
the simplicity of everyday life 
and the struggle 
to achieve balance."   


Shelby Johnstone is an emerging

Canadian Contemporary Visual Artist.

She has worked in various mediums, but painting remains her true love and is

usually the first point of departure for mixed or multi-media pieces. 

In other words,


"she sees the world in a painterly way first, and then the impulse to

bring in other materials to create a full, 

layered narrative or conceptual completion happens next."

Shelby's work is recognizable by the aesthetic of thick textures, unapologetic

use of black and personal mark-making in drawing or prints.
There is a striking contrast between solid, heavy landforms and compelling light

areas of depth like secret realms that the viewer has a special pass to enter. 

Shelby has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and studied Fine Art techniques at the University of

Guelph and as a visiting student at Concordia University in Montreal. In university,

she studied traditional painting methods, such as Renaissance oil glazing,

egg tempera, fresco, and contemporary techniques. She has also studied

Graphic Design/Interactive Media at Toronto Film School.

Shelby worked for many years in the Film Industry and was

nominated for a Leo Award for Production Design in 2004.

Shelby has exhibited her work mainly on the West Coast of Canada in several group exhibitions

and through her studios on Salt Spring Island BC and Guelph, Ontario, and Saatchi Gallery online.

Shelby comes highly recommended for collaborative projects, and she is currently seeking exhibition 
opportunities and gallery representation.


She resides in the beautiful Gatineau Hills in Quebec, Canada, 
where she paints from her home studio.


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